Double Degree in Product-Service System Design and Management Engineering


WhyThe “reason why” of a Double Degree in PSSD and Management Engineering

In a world that is continuously changing, design and innovation are the main source of renewal and prosperity. They are necessary for society, to address the challenges of sustainability in a hyper-connected and complex world; they are necessary for organizations and businesses, to create solutions that are valuable and to ensure long-term survival; they are necessary for people, as the exploration of the new is a major driver in their search for meaning. Technology is still a major driver of innovation, but is not enough anymore. Technologies are increasingly accessible worldwide, and the relevance of technologies is moving the focus from how technologies are developed to how they are chosen, integrated and used. Innovation indeed comes from the capability to capture the evolution of the context, to make sense of a complex environment, to combine the several opportunities that are today available, into an unprecedented vision. The current scenario, in short, requires the capability to conceive, develop, and implement new visions that are both meaningful to people, and economically valuable for businesses. These are multifaceted capabilities, based on two fields of competences:
  • Design, as the set of capabilities that enable to envision new possibilities that are more meaningful to people. In particular, the design of ecosystems consisting of products, services, communication and space, i.e. what we call Product-Service-Systems Design;
  • Management, as the set of capabilities to transform the idea of a new ecosystem into a source of economic value and growth, by envisioning and implementing new business models.
The Double Degree in Management and Design aims at providing these capabilities, in a unique integrated courses.

Who can I become?The expertise profile of the program

Career opportunities for this double degree may include for example professionals working in the following areas: strategy, innovation, marketing, branding, design, business development, project management, research and development. Organizations that are interested in this profile include all organizations that have a strategy based on innovation, large and small, including start-ups. In the area of “for profit” businesses, but also in not-for- profit organizations. By attending this program you will develop advanced skills for Designing and Managing innovative ecosystems (products + services + communication + spaces) and business models. More specifically, the following capabilities:

Conceive Business Models

Conceive innovative business models that create value for people and society.

Visualize Business Models

Visualize and narrate those business models so that they can be effectively shared and communicated to other people in an organization, partners, stakeholders and, of course, customers.

Create value

Create Value for business, so that your vision is both good for the user and for the organization that creates it (its shareholders, its management and everyone contributing to it)

Lead the development

Lead the development and implementation process, by engaging other players, so that your vision becomes realized and has a real impact in business and society

The PathIntake Management Engineering / Intake Product-Service System Design.

How to apply?The application in few simple steps

Management Engineering and Product-Service System Design Double Degree is open to 20 students selected throughout the 1st year  in the Master of Science in Management Engineering and the Master of Science in Product-Service System Design (10 students from each programme). Candidates interested in applying have to present the following documents:

  • A motivation letter where the candidates describes the reasons for the application in the Double Degree and the contribution that they will offer to the community of the project;
  • Academic CV of the Bachelor Degree obtained at other universities, with self-declaration of transcripts with marks and the final degree grade;
  • Personal CV outlining skills and extra-bachelor experiences (portfolio of projects, work experiences, workshops and summer schools, etc.) and that highlights experience and skills acquired consistent with the second degree;
  • A portfolio of projects (final thesis as well as additional projects undertaken in other courses or workshops) if the applicant is from the School of Design;
  • An extended abstract of the final thesis/overview of the Business Game experience if the applicant is from the School of Engineering.
The project portfolio must not exceed 10 MB. The extended abstract of the final thesis must not exceed 5 standard Word pages. A specific Committee will select the applicants. It will be composed both by professors from the School of Design and the School of Industrial Engineering and IT, as selected by the two Schools. The Committee will make a first evaluation of the academic background, the motivation letter and the CV and a following one-to-one interview. For further information please write to our offices:

School of Design students:


— Management Engineering students:


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