The area of action:

the design and management of innovative business models

and organisations for product-service systems.

In a world that is continuously changing, design and innovation are the main source of renewal and prosperity. They are necessary for society, to address the challenges of sustainability in a hyper-connected and complex world.

Design, as the set of capabilities that enable to envision new possibilities that are more meaningful to people
  • Products
  • Services
  • Communication
  • Space
  • Product-Service System Design
Management, as the set of capabilities to transform the idea of a new ecosystem into:
  • Source of economic value
  • Source of growth 
  • Envisioning 
  • Implementing new business models

I always wanted to understand how to merge creativity and exploration with feasibility and execution. I really think that the power of innovation lies in the synergic work between these two dimensions. Therefore the Double Degree program seemed to me the best opportunity to strengthen both dimensions.

Silvia Magnanini1st Edition

A double degree: both capabilities. Especially, both “sensitivities” and perspectives.


Management Engineering = capability to create value for businesses and to lead the innovation process



Design = capability to conceive and visualize business models that create value for people

How to apply?


Every student will have a first selection and will receive a score up to 70 points

20 POINTS  Motivation Letter

20 POINTS  Academic CV

15 POINTS  Personal CV

15 POINTS  Portfolio of Projects

Candidates with at least 60 points will pass the second selection with the interview

The Interview will assign up to 30 points

The interview is considered as passed with at least 20 points

Selection Process–Screening

Screening, based on:

A motivation letter, explaining why the candidate is willing to attend the Double Degree Program and how she/he may contribute to the community of the Program

Final mark in the Bachelor Degree

•Curriculum Studiorumin the Bachelor Degree (self-declaration of transcripts with mark and finale degree grade and abstract of the thesis (not more than 5 standard word pages) and a self declaration oftranscripts of the first semester of the MSc study course

Curriculum Vitae indicating other competencies developed (beside the Curriculum Studiorum) and how they were developed. Competencies may include: core competencies in the field (e.g. project portfolios), competencies developed in the second degree field (e.g. working experiences), tools and methodological experiences, hobbies etc.

Selection Process–Colloquium

Joint Colloquium, aimed to evaluate:

•The coherence of the expectations and the motivations of the candidate with the objective of the double degree program

•The coherence of the specific competencies acquired by the candidate in the bachelor level and through extra-curricular experiences with the objective of the double degree program

•The candidate’s attitude towards the disciplines of the double degree program (which could be assessed through interview questions or a case study) 

How to submit

Applications must be submitted to this email: (for design students)

Use your own institutional e-mail:

Selection Process

Evaluation based on a two stage process: Screening and Colloquium.

Only students that pass the Screening stage will access to the Colloquium.

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